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The human brain is a computer, the support biology, (the body), is an integral part of this computer. Yes, life on this planet is computer: chemical machine .

These computers are complex in their psychological, psychiatric, and biological analyses: but are nothing more than simple addition or subtraction percentage calculating machines.

Little computers, babies, are little scientists pulling in data, information that is important requisite reference environmental survival program.

What Is Thought?

Thought Analyzed!

The Algorithm Analyses - The Formula,

thought is, prerequisite reference environmentally installed survival program A
+ prerequisite reference environmentally installed survival program B
= created reference requisite environmentally installed survival program C.

Perception. Of movement before the eyes, is serial addition add one update at a time. Walking, updated, added, a slight scenery change every time you take a step forward. Reading or watching TV is a similar serial addition, one word/one action at a time. Music, body movement, is the same serial addition process.

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