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Anthony W Johns.

A Picture Of The Scientist Anthony Johns.

Born 1946. Norwich Norfolk England, attended Colman Road Infants School, Avenue Road Junior School, Earlham Boys Secondary Modern School, St. Peters Street College Lowestoft England. Aged 68 in 2014.

Qualifications. City And Guilds Electronics Diplomas, worked as a colour television engineer until 1995. After a nervous breakdown in 1988 I studied neurobiology, neuroelectronics, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry. These studies involved some fifteen thousand hours over seventeen years.

Additional Skills. Writing, designing hand coded web sites in HTML4

Christian Beliefs until 1989, Atheist Beliefs thereafter.


1. 1988. The Valfet Audio Power Amplifier.

2. 1992. The Book, Programming Basic For Eternal Life.

3. 1995. The Book, Surrogate Daughter.

4. 1996. The Book, The Valfet Audio Amplifier.

5. 2000. The Book, The Fiddle.

6. 2005. The Book, The Cesspool And The Secret Armies.

7. 2006. The Book, The Brain Natures Own Computer.

8. 2010. Updated, The Valfet Audio Amplifier Sonic-ally Improved.

9. 2010. The Book, Self Help For Anorexia.

10. 2015. The Book, The Curse Of A Nymphomaniac.

11. 2015. The Book, MC. Muslim Christian.

12. A Pleasing Achievement

Mental Disorders. Medicated Schizophrenia. Bipolar Disorder. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Psychopathy. Depression. Paranoia. All of these mental disorders are currently at a low percentage. I work four to six hours per day six days per week.

Typical Day. I rise at seven or eight AM Have breakfast first this is a bowl of bran flakes and an apple and a cup of tea. Start work checking my sites, bank details, reading on-line news, this takes about half an hour, I then carry on working until eleven thirty AM. If I finish the work earlier I go to bed and make notes on a hand held voice recorder to carry on working in the afternoon.

Lunch is at eleven thirty, I do not cook, I have no time for preparing a cooked meal, preparing such a meal and the washing up the crockery takes up time. I buy cooked curried chicken in tins, and pour half the contents of the tin in to a soup bowel and add to this half a tin of cooked diced mixed vegetables.

Microwave heating of the food takes two minutes, during this time I make a cup of tea and put butter on two rounds of quality bread. After this food is consumed I then eat a further apple, as I consume the food I drink tea to wash it down, this avoids indigestion, I eat standing up. Sometimes I eat cooked sardines, I eat these out of the can with bread and tea. I rinse the soup mug and the drinking cup.

After lunch which overall takes about twenty minutes to consume, I go to bed for about an hour or an hour and a half, I do not sleep, my brain races as normal, And I make further notes about what to write on my hand held recorder. At about two PM I rise again to start work, I eat another apple at four PM, sometimes I go to bed at four PM and make notes, otherwise I work up until five PM. I usually go for a brisk walk every day, usually to buy groceries, this normally takes place in the afternoons.

Dinner is at six PM, usually bread, tea, cooked tinned vegetables or fish and an apple plus medication. Dinner is finished at six thirty PM, I then check my internet sites to see where they are ranked in the search engines and check the news on three on line newspapers and At seven PM I listen to the local news on the radio, I have not had a television for twenty three years.

After seven PM I listen to pop music on the radio until eight thirty, still with the voice recorder to make notes. I rise again at eight thirty PM and read more on-line newspapers, I return to bed at nine thirty PM and listen to pop music until ten twenty five PM, I then take further meds to help my sleep and I am usually asleep by eleven ten PM.

I drink nine cups of tea and four cups of water per day mostly while I am working. In the news reading I am only principally interested in science reading. I keep up with local news during the day on the radio. I have had this food diet with a few minor variations for the last 23 years.

I used to work sixteen hours a day six days per week, over the last five years partly due to age and poor mental health I can only work up to six hours a day six days a week when I have a project. However, I still regard laying in bed and thinking making notes as work this can take up to an additional six hours per day.

Dislikes. Housework, gardening, silly people.

Hates. Ipswich Borough Council.



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