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Q. You are mad Anthony? how is life computer?

A. I am fully compos mentis, there are many different analyses for computer in many different dictionaries, the Merriam Webster analyses for a computer.

Most modern dictionaries in their explanation for a computer show a picture and description for a desktop or laptop computer. Older dictionaries explanations are similar to the Merriam Webster explanation.

Note. The brain as well as the body is not only biological it is also electronic. The body in our species is now thankfully through evolution bipedal and as such is fully mobile. This is very useful: we are now fully mobile computers, 'mobile calculating machines'.

Q. Anthony, I do not understand prerequisite reference environmentally installed survival program, please explain?

A. You could be a university graduated architect, the architectural program is installed in your brain, this is the prerequisite program you will need if you come up with a new idea to adapt your work. The new idea for your work is the created reference requisite environmentally installed program.

Q. Why are brains slow at learning and calculating mathematics compared to desktop PC's and supercomputers?

A. Brains are massive organic machine accessible and assessable databases primarily evolved to store a fully programmed evolving and updating audible and visual survival program. This database is slow compared to mechanical machines, the brains primary function is data storage. Organic machine is slow in the retrieval of data as there is only one thought calculation process. PC's and supercomputers have many fast paralleled calculation processors.

The Evolution Of Species.

It Is All Because Of Mutations In DNA.

There are generally two questions that Jehovah's witnesses ask when you tell them that evolution is a fact.

Q. How do you explain dual sexuality for lifeforms on this planet and the need for copulation to procreate ?

A. In evolution any faults in nature ? or nurture ? do not usually allow successful replication, but this is not always the case. As is well known if sexual relations occur in families, with replication, genetic faults, mutations are amplified and carried forward in the lineage eventually halting the lineage.The environment and aging will mutate DNA reference .

There is considerable advantage in sex for procreation and mutation adaptation in evolution always takes the successful route. So, somewhere way back in the lineage there was a genetic fault, another mutation, that provided for dual sexuality, this was the most successful event and has been carried forward in most of the species on this planet.

Sex in procreation is more advantageous in species as it offers a genetic variation in offspring that gives additional protection against pathogens. Because of genetic variation not all people will be affected by the same viruses or disease, again in evolution this has been very successful.

Q. Why are there so many different species on this planet?

A. This again is due to genetic mutation when a species copies itself in replication, the copy is never exact, there are always mutations, this is why every persons DNA is different.

Q. We did not adapt from monkeys!!!

A. Yes we did, it appears monkeys adapted in Africa with a mutation that caused the genetic code, the DNA to change. This caused body hair to be lost in procreation. Africa is warm and through tribal war-faring this caused many of the tribes to move away. Some of the tribes moved to a different climate.

These tribes had to adapt to colder climates and started to wear animal skins and live in caves to survive the colder conditions. This adaptation was very successful and eventually allowed for traveling to other continents. Often there were wars between new created tribes as they spread out causing further extensive traveling until today where we have been so successful: we have now over populated the planet.

There is so much diversification in life on this planet, this is again caused by evolution, mutation in copying and natural selection , all life on this planet is chemical machine that survives by living off live dead or decayed chemical machine. God does not come in to the picture. Why would God create evolving adapting chemical machine life that is so primitive to survive in such manner.

However, what we determine as a God could have created the universes, and life could have been set up by seeding this planet by an advanced life-form that we have little or no comprehension for. Does this advanced intelligence monitor our evolution?

Q. Why are there so many different religions?

A. We are machine looking for eternal life, most religions offer a route to eternal life either through reincarnation or a spiritual life in heaven, this is an incorrect belief system. It is only natural that these religions evolved for our species to easily relate to.

Intelligent Design.

Q. Is intelligent design the way forward?

A. The intelligent design theory is incorrect and not based on solid science fact. We are built by Nature and Nurture from a zygote and every person is genetically different, nearly all people have at least one if not many more genetic faults. If we were designed by a much higher intelligence we would be perfect with no genetic faults and we would not be affected by disease.

The Cyborg Evolution.

We are currently seeing an adaptation in our species where prosthesis parts are placed externally and internally in our bodies to extend our lives. There are already body parts being created in 3D printing machines. It will not be long before people that need a new heart have a scan to see what is needed for an exact replacement heart.

The new heart will be created, grown from the recipients DNA so there will be no body rejection and the veins, arteries, muscles and skin will very likely be created in a 3D machine and altered if necessary at a later stage before placing in the recipients body. Most people in the future to keep them alive will be cyborg.


There is no scientific evidence for anything paranormal on this planet. For fifty years there has been a prize offered by James Randi a magician of one million dollars for a person to produce such evidence. No single person or organization has been able to provide this scientific evidence.

Birth Defects.

Alopecia areata.
Is a condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body.

Tree of life.
We are the last animals to develop on this tree of life.

Taxonomic Rank.

Geologic Time Scale.

Radiocarbon Dating.

Scientists have proved life on this planet started from an embryonic form, all plants and animals have some of the genes or many of the genes that we have, current evidence seems to account for life starting in a hydrothermal vent on the ocean floor or by panspermia.

So, are the above theories correct? or is another theory 'The Third Way' presented below correct and the way forward for our species?

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The Third Way. Re: the above reference. It looks as though this planet was seeded with embryonic life by an advanced life-form and our evolution monitored since. Please see my hypotheses for the second coming and our adaptation to eternal youth here.

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